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Pondering and Gagged Panda (Logo Project)


While at the Edinburgh Fringe last Summer I was approached by a photographer in search of a logo for their growing collection of work. After several long discussions we decided that as the range of subject matter was so broad, the collection should be split in two, each part with a corresponding logo.


A recurring theme however was his love of portraiture and our home city, London. Oh yes, and pandas…


I looked at classic characters from fiction that I could reinvent to fit these themes, as well as Victoriana, old cameo jewellery and silhouettes. I was reminded of the famous profiles of Holmes and Watson and how they’d been reinvented over time to reflect their developing characters, and I figured I’d try my hand. 


Pondering Panda is for Urban exploration, rugby games and London, it’s buildings, history and occupants. On the request of the photographer, the Pondering Panda wears a fez rather than the traditional deer-stalker, but still smokes a pipe as he observes the world around him. 


However, as night falls and the cabarets open, the clubs start to fill and the theatres come alive with acrobats and dancers we have a new observer, Gagged Panda who seems to have got himself all tied up!


We liked how these characters related to each other and fitted in with the slapstick nature of the Fringe and London comedy scene, all in all, a very fun project.