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How can Product Design break down the strict gender and societal roles we have created for new parents? 



What if Dads could breastfeed?


Based on in-depth, first hand research and interviews with new parents and medical professionals, I created a kit that encourages parents to empathise with each other whilst supporting their newborn child.


After signing up to a pre-natal course, the father-to-be would receive an NHS branded box containing a chest pump, compression vest and informative flyer, as well as all of the necessary hormones for him to lactate and “chestfeed” his child. 

As well as being an empathy tool and a practical way for new parents to support each other, the final result also addresses the imbalance and gendering in the design language of so many parenting products on the market.

A sample of press coverage: 


The New York Times:



and many others

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