Scrapbags Boutique


  I established "Scrapbags Boutique" selling handbags to my own design in 2008 and it continues to grow to this day.

With ten years of development, "Scrapbags Originals" are eye-catching, hardwearing and completely unique. We make each one individually, collaging old materials (magazines, flyers, stamps etc.) we find that would otherwise be discarded. We love to recycle what others have “scrapped”. 

 “Scrapbags” have featured in numerous small businesses around Amsterdam as well as in the Rob Peetoom Hairsalon magazine. We make to order but always have a small amount of extra stock if someone can’t wait that long.

Scrapbags for the Rijks:

Developed as a competition entry for Amsterdam's fabulous Rijks Museum, they set a challenge to draw inspiration from the collection and create our own pieces of art and design.


In each window of these Dutch house bags is a masterpiece from their collection corresponding with where the scene would have taken place in a house of the time.

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