During a UAL Choir rehearsal.
During a UAL Choir rehearsal.

Hobbies and Passions

When not designing I can usually be found busking in markets, swing dancing or zipping around on my bike. I love to organise and run events too:

UAL Music Society:

In 2016 I founded my university’s Music Society and choir because I wanted others to be as excited about music and performing as I am.

It was challenging to engage and encourage others to try new experiences such as performing at open mic nights, and attending regular rehearsals. However, several times nervous students would publicly perform and their excitement and success, I will never forget.

Xorya Art Auction:

In 2013 a friend and I organised an art auction in memory of Xorya Gerard. After advertising, negotiating and reaching out for contributions of skills, art pieces and time, we exceeded our goal of raising 300 euros, and instead raised 6000.

We were stunned. It taught us the shear amount of work, dedication and attention to detail that goes into running a successful and enjoyable event, but also about the power of good communication and advertising, as well as having a cause that you, and others, can believe in. 

Sustainability and Cycling:


In 2017 I cycled from Amsterdam to Berlin with "Brake the Cycle" a great bunch of people who are passionate about sustainability and (surprise surprise) cycling! We stayed at sustainable camps and eco initiatives throughout our six day journey and I learnt so much about alternative communities and how creativity, determination and changes in legislature really can change environments and our own habits for the better. I can't wait for the next trip!