Teaching and Workshops

Teaching and Public Speaking:

A confident public speaker, I have held multiple teaching roles at the International School of Amsterdam and also providing individual tuition on singing and English Literature. 

Most recently I have enjoyed running the Art and Design Basics class at the Drovers Day Centre in London as well as hosting talks and research sessions there on topics such as "Accessibility in London". 


Each of my classes are based on different topics, techniques or artists and over the course of two hours, the mixed ability group produces multiple pieces of work or occasionally work together to complete one large piece.


Whether the task is to "create a portrait of yourself in the style of Andy Warhol"; "use wax and ink inspired by Henry Moore's wartime sketches" or 'action paint in the style of Jackson Pollock", I have seen a huge amount of progress in my student's work and am incredibly proud of how my class more than doubled to 13 over a three month period.

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