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Redefine Healthy Ageing : How can Design enable greater independence as we age?


How can Design enable a person who is fearful of leaving the house to do so for longer, and how can it make technology more useful and accessible?


Personal Aim: 


To avoid designing “technology for pensioners”. Instead, a piece of technology that is a useful tool for anyone whether they are a cyclist, an injured person and a person travelling with small children or elderly.


Features and Characteristics:

Informative : Public transport signs have been adapted to inform the user of 

difficulties they may encounter on their route and can therefore avoid. 


Aspirational : The smart watch can 

monitor heart rate, track steps and set fitness goals. 



Useful : The user will be asked to save 3 emergency contacts who can be notified of upcoming journeys as well as falls or emergencies.


Discrete : It’s a tool to assist, allowing a person to do something they have always done but with a better knowledge of common threats such as sloping terrain, accessibility issues or congestion.

Flexible :The ability to receive manual or verbal instructions, font adjustment and a wide range of preferences to tailor the device to the users needs whether they are injured, a cyclist or often travelling with small children.