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Eilidh Hodgson and Katherine Plumb Present: Pure Filth

Eilidh Hodgson and Katherine Plumb Present: Pure Filth




Please come support and help us throw about our pains, troubles, and thoughts, issues, art, bread, butter, milk, and eggs.


No children please, just in general, at all.”

I was asked by my friend Eilidh Hodgson to make the poster (and accompanying merch) for her upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show. She wasn’t entirely sure what the show was going to contain yet, but there was probably going to be nudity and definitely a low budget. 


We started to consider what the audience could take away with them that would spread the word about her show and also be in the spirit of the Fringe. Importantly, it also had to cheap. 


Our conclusion was to have stickers printed in a range of colours that we would encourage audience members to wear as nipple pasties at the afterparty. These proved to be a huge success and added to the spirit of show well into the early hours the following morning.